Optimizing your road transport

Finding the right solution for your business matters to us. Whether you have a single pallet, a few pallets, a full load or odd-sized goods, we are able to help you deliver the goods safely to your customers.

With a finely-meshed road network, we are able to deliver your shipment within 24-48 hours –  not including remote areas.

Our flexible set-up enables us to optimize your road transport – by using a combination of own trucks and sub-contractors we are able meet the fluctuation in the market with short notice.

Haulage platform

With our Haulage platform we offer daily departures between all major cities. With strategic HUBS in Nigeria, we can give you an efficient gateway to the West African markets.

For your shipments to the African countries, we have regular trucking routes with frequent departures, but are also able to tailor a solution that fit your special inquiries.

Value added services

You can put all your attention on your customers and core business, while we manage your shipment and take care of a smooth delivery.

Communication is an important role in handling your shipment, and we focus on all aspects. From receiving booking electronically and providing electronic feedback to you to communicating professionally when delivering the goods to your customers.

“We have a size, where we can be a partner with strong network and big enough to serve large, complex businesses, but also small enough to get familiar with our customers’ special needs.”